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S.O.S. project

Smart Operating Shelter

The activities of the SOS project (Study of advanced materials and development of light, multi-functional, intelligent, reconfigurable and sustainable panels for Smart Operating Shelter applications), that has been co-financed by the Puglia Region through the Innonetwork announcement, started on 19 June 2018.

The SOS project aims at proposing the study, design and prototype development of a mobile operating unit to offer a specialized diagnostic and surgical service that can be used in a short time to respond to the needs of users and communities. The project is focused on two scenarios that are in line with KET's, needs and challenges of the Italian Region Apulian: a) advanced materials to build mobile units able to provide services and performances suitable in the medical field and b) the acquisition, analysis, processing, monitoring, interfacing and support systems for pre-during decisions post service.

The SOS project partners have consolidated their collaboration in a cluster with the main goals a) to solve the problems related to the current production of materials for technical shelters as well as b) to evaluate the added value of these applications in the healthcare environment in technical-scientific terms, as well as c) to optimize processes and integration capacities. The multidisciplinary partnership feature in industrial and planning experiences and are supported by POLITECNICO DI BARI, ENEA and the CETMA CONSORZIO for the most advanced components of research and development.


The final goal of the project is the development of advanced and eco-sustainable materials for multifunctional, intelligent, reconfigurable structural panels intended for mobile health shelters, or for transportable hybrid surgical hospital structures, ready for use within a few hours of arrival, without necessity of specialized personnel for the assembly, capable of teleconsultations via satellite also using intra-operative CT images. The structures are designed to ensure continuity of operation for hospitals in cases of planned and unplanned restructuring of operating units, in cases of temporary unavailability of operating theaters and in emergencies. Such services can be also exploited by hospitals as temporary services, or to remove the waiting lists or for territorial expansion of the catchment area. The Kick off of the SOS project took place on 17 July 2018.


Dott. Savino Arbore
Responsabile Scientifico

Dott. Cosimo TAFURO
R.I. Spa

Prof. Ing. Vitoantonio Bevilacqua
Polytechnic University of Bari

Dott. Ubaldo SPINA

Dr.ssa Vincenza Anna Maria LUPRANO
ENEA - CR Brindisi


Dissemination activities